Vancouver based artist, Shawn Pedralba, focuses his creative skill-set towards visual development working in the animation industry.  As a storyboard artist, he aids in production by creating the visual cues, staging and composition of a scene.  He has been educated in 3D animation but is inspired by the precision and traditional drawing techniques found in classical animation.  As an illustrator he is highly influenced by the classical works of the 18 century including styles such as baroque and rococo.  In creating his personal work, Shawn utilizes both hand drawn and digital techniques, with the graphite pencil being his preferred medium.



TBA    /    Storyboard Artist   /    2017
Marvel Super Heroes    /   Key Posing, Storyboard Artist     /    2017
Heroes and Villains Comic Documentary    /   Design, Storyboard Artist   /   2017
Marvel's Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars   /   Storyboard Supervisor   /   2017
Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell Animated Movie   /   Colour Artist   /   2016
Marvel's Avengers Assemble: Ultron Revolution   /   Storyboard Artist   /   2016
Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight   /   Storyboard Artist   /   2015
Slugterra   /   Storyboard Artist /   2012
Storm Hawks   /   Storyboard Artist   /   2007
FIFA 05, Road to FIFA World Cup   /   Technical Artist   /   2005



Never Odd or Even (group)  /  Light Grey Art Lab  /  2016
Botanica (group)  /  Light Grey Art Lab  /  2016
Bower Bird (group)  /  Light Grey Art Lab  /  2015
Robots & Monsters (group)  /  Ayden Gallery  /  2014



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